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What is our way of working? We’re a small bureau and to use our precious time as productively as possible, we try to make most of our arrangements trough e-mail. In this way we save time and money, we are always available and all arrangements are written down.

We work in two phases. First, we make a design you receive as a pdf-file. This is a low-resolution-pdf you can check on your computer screen or print with your printer. This is not yet a pdf ready for press. You give your remarks about the design, after which you again receive a trial-pdf, until you fully agree with the design. The second phase is the full design of the printing, of which you again receive a low-resolution-pdf, which you have to approve of.

When everything is approved, you receive a high-resolution-pdf. With this file you can go to the printer of your choice. We can also handle all print jobs for you.

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introintrohow we workhow we workexamplesexamplesnewsnewscontactcontact